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Marie Skepö

Research areas

  • To reveal static and dynamic properties of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) to provide a deeper understanding of the mechanism of action and the static as well as dynamic structure-function relationship.
  • Establish a quantitative link between polymer theory, computer simulations, and experiments, predominantly scattering, for IDPs.
  • Pushing the boundaries regarding analyzing scattering data with computer simulations.
  • Structural and thermodynamical properties of colloids with focus on anisotropic particles (clay).


Research group member(s)

Links will open in Lund University's Research Portal unless otherwise stated.

Former employees

  • Michael Bakker (PhD)
  • Oskar Svensson (Master student)
  • Auriane Mathieu (Internship)
  • Joel Markgren (PhD)
  • Linda Månsson (postdoc)
  • Samuel Lenton (postdoc)
  • Sandeep Chakane (postdoc)
  • Eric Fagerberg (PhD)
  • Maria Jansson (PhD)
  • Stephanie Jephthah (PhD)
  • Ellen Rieloff (PhD)
  • Kristin Hyltegren (PhD)
  • Carolina Cragnell (Lic.)
  • Axel Thuresson (PhD)
  • Joao Henrigues (PhD)
  • Joaquim Li (postdoc)
  • Olof Svensson (postdoc)
  • Maria Pihl (postdoc)

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