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Martin Trulsson, Senior Lecturer

Research interest

Rheology of dense suspensions, electrostatic interactions in suspensions, Poisson-Boltzmann equation, molecular and particle simulations.


Past members

  • Hugo Öhrneman, Bachelor student, 2016
  • Jasenko Gavran, Master student, 2016
  • Fiona Fondjo, Project worker, 2017
  • Janika Hochstrasser, Project worker, 2018

Academic background

  • Senior lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry 2020
  • Docent (Reader/Associated Professor) in Theoretical Chemistry 2019
  • Associated senior lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry 2015
  • Researcher at LPTMS, Université Paris-Sud, Paris, France 2013-2015
  • Post-doc at PMMH, ESPCI, Paris, France 2011-2013
  • PhD in Theoretical Chemistry, Lund, Sweden 2011

Selected publications

Thomas Pähtz, Orencio Durán, David N. de Klerk, Indresan Govender, and Martin Trulsson
Local Rheology Relation with Variable Yield Stress Ratio across Dry, Wet, Dense, and Dilute Granular Flows
Physical Review Letters 123:048001 (2019)

Martin Trulsson
Rheology and shear jamming of frictional ellipses
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 849, 718-740 (2018)

Junhao Dong and Martin Trulsson
Analog of discontinuous shear thickening flows under confining press
Physical Review Fluids 2, 081301(R) (2017)

Mehdi Bouzid, Martin Trulsson, Philippe Claudin, Eric Clément, and Bruno Andreotti
Microrheology to probe non-local effects in dense granular flows
Europhysical Letters 109:24002 (2015)

Martin Trulsson, Bruno Andreotti, and Philippe Claudin
Transition from the viscous to the inertial regime in dense suspensions
Physical Review Letters 109:118305 (2012)

Martin Trulsson, Jenny Algotsson, Jan Forsman, and Cliff Woodward
Differential Capacitance of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids: the Role Dispersion Forces
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 1:1191 (2010)

Martin Trulsson, Bo Jönsson, Torbjörn Åkesson, Jan Forsman, and Christophe Labbez
Repulsion between Oppositely Charged Surfaces in Multivalent Electrolytes
Physical Review Letters 97:068302 (2006)


KEMM48/NAKE009: Statistical Thermodynamics and Molecular Simulation, 7.5 ECTS (Master level, course coordinator)

NAKE016: Advanced Statistical Thermodynamics and Molecular Simulation, 7.5 ECTS (PhD level, course coordinator)

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