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Stephanie Jephthah, PhD Student

Research interests

Computer simulations of intrinsically disordered proteins.


J. Henriques, S. Jephthah, M. Skepö, "In silico physicochemical characterization and comparison of two intrinsically disordered phosphoproteins: β-casein and acidic PRP-1", Food Hydrocolloids, 56, 360-371, 2016.


S. Jephthah, J. Henriques, C. Cragnell, S. Puri, M. Edgerton, M. Skepö, "Structural Characterization of Histatin 5-Spermidine Conjugates: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study", Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 57(6), 1330-1341, 2017.



NordForsk Collaboration

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