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So-called lock-and-key interactions, i. e., the preferred association of molecular building blocks with complementary shapes, are omnipresent in biology, where they for example describe the interactions between enzymes and their...[more]


Professor Emeritus Gunnar Karlström and PhD Fei Xie are awarded prizes. [more]


A group of researchers at Lund University in Sweden have made the first iron-based molecule capable of emitting light. This could contribute to the development of affordable and environmentally friendly materials for e.g. solar...[more]


Research presented on the cover of Soft Matter.  [more]


Marie Skepö (PI), has in collaboration with Lise Arleth and Kresten Lindorff-Larsen at University of Copenhagen, and Jens Preben Morth at University of Oslo, been awarded 6.8 MNOK for studying the structure of membrane proteins...[more]


Theoretical Chemistry announces two new intensive courses in Statistical Thermodynamics in the spring of 2017 (from end of March to beginning of June).[more]


Researchers from the Chemistry Department participate in a new project that has been granted 28 MSEK support by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.  [more]


Multiconfigurational Quantum Chemistry provides a timely and in-depth overview of this modern methodology that enhances our understanding of atomic states and structures in molecular systems. The content will unlock the potential...[more]


Expensive metals may be replaced in the production of solar cells.[more]


"Lightening Bridges”, Lund University, Sweden, August 17-19, 2016.  [more]


Research presented on the cover of the Journal of Physical Chemistry B.[more]


Knowledge of the properties of proteins right down to atomic level is essential for making it easier and faster for the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture protein-based drugs in liquid form. Over the next four years, a joint...[more]

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