Theoretical Chemistry

Lund University

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Address: P.O. Box 124, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden
Visiting address: Naturvetarvägen 14, Lund
Phone: +46-46-222 81 50
Fax: +46-46-222 86 48

E-mail address to all employees at Theoretical Chemistry

If you want to contact all employees at Theoretical Chemistry use the address:
teo [at] signe [dot] teokem [dot] lu [dot] se

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Page Manager:

Head of the division

Per-Olof Widmark
Phone: +46-46-222 82 36
E-mail: per-olof [dot] widmark [at] teokem [dot] lu [dot] se

Deputy head of the division

Marie Skepö
Phone: +46-46-222 33 66
E-mail: marie [dot] skepo [at] teokem [dot] lu [dot] se


Helena Persson
Phone: +46-46-222 81 50
helena [dot] persson [at] fkem1 [dot] lu [dot] se


Céleste Lankreijer
Phone: +46-46-222 81 86
celeste [dot] lankreijer [at] kilu [dot] lu [dot] se